Sort Orders determine the sequence in which products appear on collection pages. You can fine-tune product visibility using up to fifteen product attributes or conditional expressions that align with your marketing strategies and customer preferences.

Creating a Sort Order

Follow these steps to create a new Sort Order:

  1. Define Attributes: Select up to fifteen attributes or conditional expressions that will influence the sort order.
  2. Assign Weights: Allocate a weight to each attribute. Higher weights give the attribute more influence in the sorting process. Note: Sequentially weighted attribute expressions will be grouped and the first attributes direction useDebugValue.
  3. Set Direction: Choose the sort direction (ascending or descending) for each attribute based on how you want the results ordered.
  4. Name Your Sort Order: Assign a code to your sort order for easy reference in API calls.
  5. Apply to Pages: Use the sort order code with the Browse API to implement the sorting on your desired pages.

Best Practices

  • Balance Weights: Avoid extreme differences in weights to prevent one attribute from overshadowing the others.
  • Monitor Performance: Regularly review the impact of sort orders on user engagement and conversion rates.

For further assistance, please refer to our API documentation or contact our support team.