Getting Started with Merchandising

Our platform offers robust tools that enable you to manually merchandise your collection pages. By creating merchandising rules, you can override the default sorting logic and curate product displays that align with your marketing strategies.

Step 1: Configuring the Merchandising Interface

To configure the merchandising interface you can navigate to the Configure page on the dashboard and click the Merchandise tab. On this page you can configure the number of columns in the merchandising grid and attributes shown on product cards in the merchandising interface.

Step 2: Accessing the Merchandising Interface

To begin merchandising a category, Merchandise tab on the dashboard and click on the Create button.

Step 3: Creating a Merchandising Rule

  1. Define a Collection: Select the collection you wish to merchandise.
  2. Define a Sort Order: Select the sort order that you want to override with your merchandising ruke.
  3. Product Pinning: Pin products to appear at the top of the category page. This is useful for highlighting new arrivals, bestsellers, or promotional items.

Step 4: Publish

Once satisfied, publish the merchandising rule, and the product positions will be reflected on your category page.

Tips for Effective Merchandising

  • Align with Marketing Campaigns: Coordinate your merchandising efforts with ongoing marketing campaigns for a unified promotional strategy.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Update your merchandising to reflect seasonal trends, holidays, or shopping events.
  • Customer Insights: Use customer behavior data to inform your merchandising decisions, ensuring that the most relevant products are highlighted.

Example Scenarios

  • Holiday Season: During the holiday season, merchandise gift-worthy products at the top of relevant category pages.
  • Sales Promotions: For sales events, merchandise discounted items to ensure they’re the first products customers see.

By following this guide and utilizing the full suite of merchandising tools available on our platform, you’ll be able to merchandise category pages that not only look great but also drive conversions and enhance the customer shopping experience.