A single misspelled word can derail the search experience. Typo tolerance is a critical functionality that compensates for human error by ensuring that searches are resilient to misspellings and typing mistakes. This resilience allows users to find the right products, even when they make errors like “snekaers” instead of “sneakers.”

How Layers Achieves Typo Tolerance

Layers utilizes advanced algorithms to identify and autocorrect typographical errors. These algorithms take into account:

  • Character Proximity: Errors due to characters being adjacent on keyboards.
  • Missed Characters: Omissions that are common in quick typing.
  • Transposed Letters: Corrections for letters in the wrong sequence.

Example of Typo Correction

  • Search Query: “espreso machine”
  • Corrected Query: “espresso machine”

This correction process is seamless, providing users with the right results without the need for a second search.

Algorithmic Insights

Behind the scenes, Layers employs a combination of fuzzy matching and machine learning to predict and correct typos, constantly learning from user interactions to improve accuracy.