• Lightning Fast: Delivering search results in milliseconds, our global infrastructure ensures your customers aren’t kept waiting.
  • Query Categorization: Understands query intent and learns over time to predict and generate hyper-relevant results based on user history and the latest browsing trends.
  • Real-Time Data Ingestion: Any updates to your catalog are ingested and indexed within seconds, ensuring your search results are always up-to-date.
  • User-Intent Processing: Our system intelligently interprets user intent, especially when searching by price or category, to deliver the most relevant results.
  • Filtering & Faceted Search: Enhance your search or collection pages with robust filtering and faceting, enabling customers to narrow down their search results based on their preferences.

Get Started

Begin your journey with Layers by exploring our intuitive platform. These features are designed to empower you to effectively merchandise your categories and keep customers engaged.


Our extensive documentation and APIs are designed for developers to fully leverage Layers’ capabilities within your e-commerce ecosystem.

Available APIs


Employ our Search REST API for real-time, typo-tolerant search functionality that’s both fast and relevant.


Use the Browse API to query merchandised category pages, retrieve product information, apply filters, and customize sort orders.

Important Resources

To optimize your product indexing and filtering with Layers, delve into these essential resources.

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