Introduction to Scalar Indexing

Scalar data types, such as numbers, and booleans, are the cornerstone of filtering and sorting in search engines. They are particularly vital in e-commerce scenarios where users might want to sort items by price, find products within a date range, or filter by availability.

Automating Scalar Data Handling

Layers simplifies data management by automatically recognizing and indexing scalar values in their appropriate formats, ensuring that numerical and date-based sorting reflects users’ expectations.

Manually Specifying a Type

When using Named Tags you can include an additional colon (:) delimited part after the key containing a type of number or boolean. Example tag value: monthly_sales:number:300.25

How Automatic Indexing Benefits You

  • Numbers: Numeric values are indexed to support operations like range queries, enabling users to search within price ranges or ratings.
  • Booleans: True or false values are indexed to facilitate filters like ‘in stock’ vs. ‘out of stock’.