Product Schema Overview

The product schema is a standardized format that transforms your Shopify product data into an optimized structure for the search and browse engine. Each product is represented as a collection of fields that define its attributes.

Schema Fields

The following table outlines the key fields in the product schema, along with their data types, descriptions, and example values:

Field NameTypeDescriptionExample Value
idIntegerUnique identifier for the product7003338965178
titleStringTitle of the product"SUPREME SEALLINE SEE POUCH SMALL"
body_htmlStringHTML content describing the product"The Supreme Sealline See Pouch Small is a versatile and..."
vendorStringThe product’s vendor"SUPREME"
product_typeStringType of the product"Accessories"
created_atDateTimeDateTime when the product was created1644047925
handleStringA unique human-friendly string for the product, used in the product’s URL"supreme-pouch-44370ss18a32-sm"
updated_atDateTimeDateTime when the product was last updated1698280024
published_atDateTimeDateTime when the product was published1644047925
tagsArray of StringsTags associated with the product["Collection: Best Seller", "Collection:Accessories", "Collection:Supreme Accessories"]
imagesArray of ObjectsImages related to the product.[{"alt": "SUPREME POUCH", "src": "", "width": 800, "height": 534, "variant_ids": []}]
metafieldsObjectAdditional metadata for the product{"product": {"alias": "SEALLINE SEE POUCH SMALL", "colorway": "BLACK", "styleCode": "SS18A30 BLACK", "yearOfRelease": 2018}}
availableBooleanAvailability status of the producttrue
price_rangeObjectPrice range of the product, including from and to fields{"from": 7.97, "to": 7.97, "compare_at_price": 7.97}
optionsObjectDynamically created object from product options (can be an array of any type, depending on the product configuration){"size": ["S", "M", "L"]}
named_tagsObjectDynamically created object of “key:value” tags on the product. Keys/values in this object are not included in the tags array{"YearOfRelease": 2016}
You can provide type-hints to Named Tags by using the {key}:{type}:{value} tag format. Supported types: number, boolean.

Example Product (JSON)

  "id": 7002787512506,
  "tags": [
    "New Arrivals",
  "handle": "supreme-t-shirty92wjc8-001",
  "images": [
      "alt": "SUPREME T-SHIRT",
      "src": "https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/0588\/3677\/9194\/products\/supreme_lv_tee_white_2-2.jpg?v=1644024149",
      "width": 940,
      "height": 627,
      "variant_ids": []
  "vendor": "SUPREME",
  "available": true,
  "body_html": "The Supreme Louis Vuitton Monogram box logo shirt represents a historic partnership between two fashion giants, boasting meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Crafted from the finest materials, the shirt showcases Louis Vuitton's timeless monogram pattern as the background, with Supreme's unmistakable red box logo boldly and tastefully placed at its center. This unique collaboration item is not just a shirt; it's a symbol of the convergence of streetwear culture and high-end luxury, making it an icon of the fashion world. With limited availability and an aura of exclusivity, it has become a grail for collectors and enthusiasts, embodying a blend of urban style and opulence that continues to captivate fashion-conscious individuals worldwide.",
  "created_at": "2022-02-05T01:22:27.000000Z",
  "metafields": {
    "product": {
      "colorway": "WHITE",
      "condition": "New",
      "styleCode": "Y92WJC8-001",
      "searchColor": [
      "yearOfRelease": "S\/S 2017"
  "named_tags": {
    "Datahub": "Synced",
    "ColorWay": "WHITE",
    "Condition": "New",
    "StyleCode": "Y92WJC8-001",
    "Collection": [
      "Louis Vuitton",
    "SearchColor": "white",
    "YearOfRelease": "S\/S 2017",
    "ProductSubType": "T-Shirt",
    "SearchKeyword2": "S\/S 2017",
    "SearchKeyword3": "WHITE"
  "updated_at": "2024-04-02T21:31:39.000000Z",
  "price_range": {
    "to": 1500,
    "from": 1500,
    "compare_at_price": 0
  "options": {
    "size": [
  "product_type": "Apparel",
  "published_at": "2022-02-05T01:22:27.000000Z"

Data Types and Formatting

  • Integer: Whole numbers without decimals.
  • String: Textual data, often used for titles or descriptions.
  • Decimal: Numbers with decimal points, typically used for prices.
  • Array: A list of values, used for tags or features.
  • Boolean: A true or false value, indicating binary states such as availability.

For more details on field specifications or integration steps, please refer to our detailed API documentation or contact our support team for assistance.