The Browse API is a robust tool designed to enhance the interactivity and customizability of merchandised category pages. It allows for detailed queries that retrieve product information, facets, and sort orders. Additionally, you can apply various filters and create custom sort orders to tailor the browsing experience to your users’ needs.

Features and Operations

  • Product Retrieval: Fetch detailed product information to display on your category pages.
  • Dynamic Filtering: Apply real-time filters based on user selections or predefined criteria.
  • Sorting: Implement custom sort logic to highlight featured products or adhere to user preferences.
  • Faceted Search: Allow users to narrow down their search based on multiple attributes simultaneously.

Rate Limiting

While there is no strict rate limit on the Browse API, we employ intelligent DDoS protection that scales with the nature of the traffic:

  • Trusted Environments: Higher limits for serverless environments like AWS Lambda@Edge.
  • Malicious Traffic: Immediate blocks for known malicious bots, while trusted bots like GoogleBot are exempt for SEO purposes.
  • Impact on Service: We monitor traffic to ensure service availability and may adjust limits as necessary.

Error Handling

The Browse API provides clear error messages for troubleshooting. Here’s a quick reference for common errors:

Error CodeMessage
collection_not_found“The specified collection cannot be found”
invalid_filter“The filter provided is not valid”

A collection with no results will never return an error, ensuring smooth handling of empty states.