The Search API is a suite of endpoints designed to provide robust search capabilities within your product catalog. This overview summarizes the key features and how to effectively utilize them to enhance user search experience.


Secure access to the Search API is managed through token-based authentication. Clients must include an X-Storefront-Access-Token header in requests to authenticate and authorize operations. Refer to the Authentication document for detailed instructions on obtaining and using your API token.

Our API offers predictive search functionality, delivering real-time query suggestions and autocomplete features that enable users to quickly find products and content. This feature is detailed in the Complete Queries guide, which covers the endpoint usage and response interpretation to implement a responsive search experience.

The Search Catalog section of the API focuses on executing searches across the entire product catalog. It supports advanced query constructions, filters, sorting, and pagination. The documentation outlines the POST request structure, including how to pass in search parameters and interpret the rich set of results returned by the API.